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2021 Reopening of School Circular

22nd December, 2020,

Greetings to all Parents.


Testimony School is ready to open all classes in Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary, on 4th Jan 2021. The three levels that opened earlier gave us a good experience.

  • The school has fulfilled the Reopening MoE/MoH Guidelines. We have been inspected by both the Public Health Department and the Education office.
  • The school has room for all the children we had closed with, including Boarding. Classes will be adjusted to a maximum of 25 learners per class in ordinary classroom, but higher in bigger rooms, factoring in Social Distance Protocol.
  • As communicated earlier, the school fees went up by 20%. The Termly fees will be (Ksh21,400 in Nursery, Ksh34,400 in Primary and Ksh41,200 in Secondary. This is tuition fee and Does Not include Boarding, Transport and Lunch, which are optional payments, on a need/request basis.
  • Swimming, will be suspended as spelt out in the Ministry of Health/Education guidelines. The school will Not Charge for swimming during the suspension.
  • The school will offer transport but for a smaller number, due to the Transport Protocols. The service will strictly be on ‘First Come First Served’ Basis. Transport cost will be Kes. 9,500 per learner per term, return, i.e. to and from.
  • The Protocols for reopening of schools as outlined in the Ministry of Education Guidelines should be well understood and strictly implemented by all parties for the safety of all learners and other stakeholders.


Parents will be responsible for;

  • Ensuring all learners have face masks.
  • School fees is paid in full before bringing the learners to school. The school prefers all fees paid via Mpesa, Or direct to KCB Bank, A/C No. 1103 469 339 and the respective pay inn slips presented or emailed to school (Email address on letterhead above).
  • Learners don’t have COVID -19 symptoms as they come to school.
  • Leaners are handed over by a responsible adult to a member of the school personnel either at the bus pick points, for those on transport, Or at the school gate. The adult accompanying the learners will have to wait until the learner’s temperature is taken and school fees clearance verified. Any learner with a temperature reading 37.5 o C. and above or un-cleared fees will NOT be allowed to enter the bus /school. Learners exhibiting COVID -19 symptoms will also NOT be received.
  • All vehicles will enter through the lower school gate and leave through the upper one.
  • Temperature will be checked at the second gate next to the dining room.
  • The children will be picked by a responsible adult at the drive-way after classes.
  • The adults picking the children will not get out of the vehicles when picking or dropping children.
  • Provide personal Text Books, & and any other personal gear like tissue for their children. The school will however provide Exercise Books.
  • Individual departments will provide a list of textbooks to buy.


The school will be responsible for:

  • Training all learners and school staff on observation of all COVID – 19 Protocols.
  • Provision of Individual desks and chairs for all learners.
  • Provision of water and liquid soap.
  • Provision of enough hand washing points as per the guidelines.
  • Fumigate classrooms and furniture as per the guidelines.
  • Provision of temperature guns, taking & recording temperature of anybody entering school buses/school compound.
  • Provision of an isolation room for learners and staff members suspected of being COVID-19 positive.
  • Supervision and directing learners to ensure Social Distance and other protocols are observed.
  • Provision of Psychosocial Support on a needs basis.


Learners will be expected to:

  • Have masks on throughout when in school.
  • Keep and observe 1 m Social Distance from others throughout the time they are in school.
  • Obey the school personnel.
  • Not to share books or any personal items with others.
The school is ready to receive all the learners we had closed with. Boarders will report on Sunday, 3rd January 2021 between 3pm and 5pm, and the Day scholars on Monday, 4th January 2021 at 8am.

The school wishes you and the children a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.