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Wednesday 17th March, 2021

RE: END OF TERM NEWSLETTER (from the Principal’s desk)

Kindly find in the table below, the 2021 term dates and the corresponding academic year/term content.

2021 Term Dates (there will be 4 terms this year)
  From To Comment
1st term 4th Jan 18th March 2nd term 2020 content
KCPE/KCSE 19/3/21 21/4/21 2020 academic year (current STD 8 & Form 4)
2nd term 10th May 16th July STD 8 & F-4 not to attend (3rd term 2020 content)
3rd term 26th July 1st Oct Transition to 2021  (1st term 2021 content)
4th term 11th Oct 23rd Dec 2nd term 2021 content
Kindly note that school fees is payable for each of the four terms. STD 8 and Form 4 are exempted from attending 2nd term (10th May to 16th July).
Although Grade 4 was also not supposed to attend, I request parents to consider bringing them back. Being the first CBC group, it is important for them to do a recap of the CBC content of the previous classes as well continue to supervise current projects. They have a garden and trees they planted this term. This will also occupy them during the long holiday break (4 months).
Attendance will not be compulsory for them but necessary. Those that will attend will pay only a half of 3rd term’s tuition fees i.e. Kshs. 14,300/- (they will however pay for any other extras, like transport).
In the table below, we have the 2022 term dates and the corresponding content academic year.

2022 Term Dates (4 terms & 2 KCPEs and KCSEs exams in the year).
  From To Comment
1st term 3rd Jan 4th March To cover 3rd term 2021 content
KCPE/KCSE 7/3/22 1/4/22 For the current STD 7 & Form 3
2nd term 25th April 22 1st July 22 1st term 2022 academic year
3rd term 11th July 22 16th Sep 2nd term 2022 academic year
4th term 26th Sep 25th Nov 22 3rd term 2022 academic year
KCPE/KCSE 28/11/22 23/12/22 For the Current STD 6 & Form 2
Just like in 2021, there will be 4 terms in 2022, with 2 groups writing K.C.P.E and K.C.S.E – one in March/ April and the other in November/ December.
By the end of 2022 the school will have covered the content for 2020, 2021 and 2022. By 2023 the transition will revert back to January.

Junior Secondary

Junior Secondary will start in 2023 with the current Grade 4. The school has embarked on a preparation programme for the same. Parents will be kept updated on the progress regularly.

Text Books

Many learners don’t have the required text books for use during class lessons. This makes it difficult for delivery of academic content and for learners to do their assignments and homework.
Many parents have also voiced the challenge of having to buy books every year which may not be put to good use in the subsequent years, after transition.
The management has therefore reconsidered the matter. The school will start providing the text books but as from July 2021, when the current classes will be transiting to next levels. It will however be on a cost sharing basis with parents.

School Fees

School fees is payable in two instalment. 80% on or before term onset and 20% by the end of the 1st month of the term.