16,012 Students ever since

Testimony School is a private mixed-day and boarding (Primary & Secondary) and Nursery school started in 1985 to offer education. It was founded by Mr. John A. Green as a private school funded by tuition revenue, private donations and endowment income. The school is located in Elgon-View estate, 2 km from Eldoret town, in Uasin Gishu county. The school is reputed for its Christian background and excellent performance in the (K.C.P.E) and K.C.S.E exams. It is regarded highly in the county.

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We are consistently ranked among the county’s well-performing schools in each year's national examination results. The examination results have been steadily improving over the last few years.


We offer the Kenya 8:4:4 curriculum for Primary Classs 4 - 8 and Secondary levels. We also offer the Competency based curriculum (C.B.C) currently for Grade 1 - 3 and nursery section.

Co-curricular Activities

We provides a wide variety of quality resources and opportunities to enable every pupil and student be motivated to engage in activities that will release and develop talent and provide recreation. E.g. football, volley-ball, swimming, drama, debate, singing, Table tennis and music.


In recognition of the vital role that discipline plays in the successful implementation of the school curriculum and realization of the school objectives, the school administration provides a guideline of expected behavior in form of rules and regulations. Everyone is expected to act with integrity at all times.

COVID-19 protocols preparedness

The school has fulfilled the Reopening MoE/MoH Guidelines. We have been inspected by both the Public Health Department and the Education office.